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This guacamole recipe website was set up one afternoon after an especially tasty homemade guacamole was eaten. At that time it was the first and the only guacamole recipe that I tried. Actually – to be honest I used to hate guacamole. Just some general belief that avocados are not good and therefore nothing made out of them can be good.

Then my girlfriend made me her own guacamole and since it kind of common courtesy to at least try what your girlfriend prepares for you I tasted it. Hm… it didn’t taste that bad. Actually it tasted pretty damn good! I loved it and I instantly became a guacamole fan. Even though I still hate avocados :).

So… after a while of preparing guacamole according to my girlfriends recipe one afternoon I started thinking there must be loads of different guacamole recipes out there. I should try them, collect them… And since making websites is also my passion it was kind of a logical step to also make a website dedicated to guacamole.

So here it is – guacamole-recipe.net. The goal of this website is to collect and publish all the different guacamole recipes that I can. Since I started this site I had no idea there are so many. I try to prepare most of them, some are submitted by my friends, some even from our readers, some come from cooking books…

I really hope this will be a kick ass all inclusive guacamole recipe website. So if you have a recipe that is not yet listed – please send it to me. Otherwise just enjoy the guacamole :)!

Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe

Pick any of the recipes on this website and make a kick ass homemade guacamole recipe for your Super Bowl time.

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