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The Best Homemade Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is an avocado-based dip that is often served with Mexican food. It is popular as a topping for tacos, nachos, and taco salads. This particular recipe for homemade guacamole is simple to make, using ingredients that are readily available in most grocery stores. Traditional recipes call for basic ingredients such as avocados, jalapenos, and tomatoes, and this recipe expands on that with the addition of cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice. If you are searching for a recipe on how to make guacamole, this is great recipe to have on hand to whip up quickly when you are craving tortilla chips and salsa, or when you are searching for appetizers to have for an impromptu get-together with friends. Continue reading »

Healthy Guacamole Recipe

It can be difficult to find healthy recipes for party foods. Your average party appetizer is loaded with saturated fat and sodium and is definitely not friendly to anybody on a diet. But the following healthy guacamole recipe serves as a fabulous healthy snack. Fresh, homemade guacamole dip is delicious and very nutritious. Continue reading »

How To Choose Avocados For Guacamole?

In this article I will try to explain how I choose avocados for my guacamole recipes. Since avocado is the main ingredient a lot depends on the choosing the right one. I think you need the same ripe avocados for other foods that contain them like smoothies, salads etc… so this is actually a general how to buy avocados guide. Continue reading »

Avocado guacamole recipe

This recipe is avocado guacamole at its simplest. It can be served with tortilla chips, or can be put out as a spread to add onto nachos, fajitas, tacos or burritos, whether homemade or prepared. While some guacamole recipes call for sour cream, this version is dairy-free. Its fresh taste can’t be beat! Continue reading »

Guacamole Recipe With Sour Cream

This creamy guacamole dip is special because it is made not only with traditional guacamole ingredients, but also with sour cream, which gives it extra smoothness and an irresistible tang. It’s so good that people will be asking for the secret ingredient! But it’s no secret that homemade guacamole is very easy to make. It requires no cooking, only simple chopping and mixing. It’s usually made in the summer in hot places, such as the Southwest, as it’s a fresh, cool appetizer to serve before a large meal of spicy food, and a great addition to any barbecue. However, this guacamole can be enjoyed anywhere that the ingredients are available. In addition to the ingredients, you will need a cutting board, a sharp knife, a large mixing bowl, and a wooden spoon. A large fork is also useful to have for mashing the avocado. Continue reading »

Authentic Mexican Guacamole Recipe

Most Mexican food is usually spicy with the exotic herbs and spices available in Mexico to make some of the most delectable foods. Guacamole is a topping or a side dish that is made from avocado that is not very spicy, therefore, can be used as a way to cool the mouth from the other hot flavors dancing on your taste buds. Authentic guacamole tastes good with most any kind of Mexican food but in a restaurant is traditionally given as a side topping for a meal or with tortilla chips and salsa. It is simple to make guacamole, and there are a thousand different ways to do so. It all depends on the ingredients that you choose to include in your guacamole dip. Continue reading »

The Absolute Best Guacamole Recipe In The World

Guacamole is a party favorite with many people. The creamy, savory taste of guacamole instantly transports you into a festive mood. Guacamole dip is an easy appetizer that can be paired with tortilla chips, fresh vegetables, used in wraps, or spooned on top of micro green salads. In addition to being tasty, avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole are a healthy source of fat if consumed in moderation. This easy recipe will be a hit with your family and friends due to its savory, full-flavor taste.  I am not sure if this is the damn best guacamole recipe in the world but it sure tastes good.

Avocados also provide nutrition which benefits eyesight and helps muscles to remain strong. This often over-looked ingredient is a fresh fruit which can be used weekly in meals to help promote better health, while also providing a delicious treat or side food option.

Try this easy recipe for homemade guacamole; even if you are not an experienced cook, anyone can master this recipe in the blink of an eye. Continue reading »

Guacamole Dip Recipe

Nothing complements a savory dish better than a garnish of fresh guacamole. Made from the avocado fruit, guacamole dip is a popular condiment that can be served with just about any food. From hamburgers and hot dogs to enchiladas and burritos, guacamole can perfect a variety of entrees. Served with tortilla chips, it is also a popular choice for an appetizer. This recipe serves as a base; you can spice up your guacamole with a number of different spices or other ingredients. We give you a few ideas here to get you started. Continue reading »

El Torito Guacamole Recipe

This guacamole dip recipe is a combination of fresh ingredients that has been made famous by the El Torito Grill restaurant in San Diego, California, and other locations. Guacamole is commonly served with Spanish or Mexican main dishes and is excellent as either a main dish component or a dip for appetizers like tortilla chips or vegetables. It is very simple to make guacamole, and only a few ingredients are needed to really make the recipe come to life. Any small change in the ingredient list can totally change the flavor and texture of the guacamole to fit what it is being served on or with. This recipe for El Torito guacamole serves approximately six people. Continue reading »

Guacamole Recipe With Mayonnaise

This particular guacamole  recipe with mayonnaise was given to me by a friend whose mother was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. My friend adapted the recipe to include ingredients found in the southern part of the United States. Each ingredient is easy to find in a local supermarket. Unlike some guacamole recipes, this recipe does not include the use of jalapeno peppers, so those who are sensitive to heat or peppers can still dig in and enjoy. It is a very simple recipe to make and is just right for the beginner. As long as you can read and measure, you can create this delicious appetizer. Continue reading »


Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe

Pick any of the recipes on this website and make a kick ass homemade guacamole recipe for your Super Bowl time.

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