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Guacamole Recipe with Cream Cheese

The standard guacamole recipe is great for most dishes, but if you want to make guacamole come to life with a fresh new flavor all its own, you’ll want to be ready to mix it up a bit now and then. One way to do this is to give it a creamy, homemade, one of a kind flavor by adding a little cream cheese to the mix and use this guacamole recipe with cream cheese. To get started, grab the following ingredients. Continue reading »

Guacamole Dip With Cumin

Guacamole dip originated in Mexico, where avocados are common. It spread, however, to many other countries, in particular the Southwest United States. It is usually served as an appetizer with tortilla chips, which are bland and allow the eater to concentrate fully on the flavor of the dip. To make guacamole, the basic formula is always the same – mash the avocados, then add juices and seasonings to taste. Since homemade guacamole is now a staple of parties, there are many different variations by home, as there are many ways to season the dip to add unique, personal touches. In this case we will make guacamole dip with cumin. It has also become a staple because it is so easy to make. In addition, it is safe to serve to any friends, as it is completely vegetarian, and usually vegan. Continue reading »

Delicious Garlic Guacamole Recipe

This delicious garlic guacamole recipe can be used as a dip, on sandwiches, and paired as a side dish for common authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos and tasty fajitas. Fresh ingredients work the best and provide the most nutrition. If the fresh ingredients are not in season, canned ingredients or dry ingredients will also work as a substitute. This recipe is simple to make and works well at holiday parties, company gatherings, family dinners, and social occasions. Try serving this garlic guacamole with a frozen mango margarita for a delectable mix of sweet and savory.
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Quick Guacamole Recipe

Sometimes we just don’t have as much free time as we like. One way to save time is to just get things done a little faster, a little more efficiently, and that’s where this guacamole recipe comes in. When you just want a good, quick, fresh, homemade dip, you can grab an avocado or two, fire up the food processor, and whip this one up fast. Get the following ingredients ready. Continue reading »

Chunky Guacamole Recipe

Most chefs have their own preference when it comes to dips: chunky or smooth. Guacamole dip is no different. By and large, you tend to only see smooth guacamole dips simply because that’s what seems to be more popular amongst Mexican food lovers. However, this chunky guacamole recipe may just change the minds of anyone who tries it. Continue reading »

What Is Guacamole?

What Is Guacamole

Guacamole is dip that comes from Mexico. The basic ingredient in guacamole is avocado a then some other ingredients are added. The traditional way to make it it to smash a ripe avocado and add some salt. But today there are all sorts of ingredients people add to guacamole like onions, tomatoes, garlic, lime juice or lemon juice, cheese, cumin, spices etc…

Where does it come from?

As said it comes from Mexico – it was made by the Aztecs. The earliest mentions of Aztec guacamole comes from 16th century. When Spain conquered Mexico they liked guacamole and brought it back to Spain where it spread and became one of the more popular foods.


What is guacamole and where does it come from

The Origin Of The Word Guacamole

The name guacamole comes from Aztec language and is a mix between Aztec words for avocado and sauce. Aztec were the “inventors” of guacamole. From the Spanish invasion on it spread to Spain and around the world, but it still most popular in Mexico and is a staple in Mexican recipes and cuisine.

Aztec Guacamole


Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe

Pick any of the recipes on this website and make a kick ass homemade guacamole recipe for your Super Bowl time.

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