Simple And Quick Guacamole Recipe With Pictures

I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while now but I’ve never found the time. I took these pictures with my Galaxy S phone, it was kind of dark in the kitchen so they are not really the best quality. But they show my step by step process for this simple and quick guacamole recipe. This one is really really easy, it’s the fastest way to make guacamole I know. And it is still one of the best tasting ones. Most of the time I just use this recipe…doesn’t matter if I am in a hurry or not.

This recipe will make enough guacamole for 2 people, but you can easily double or triple it.

So, what ingredients do you need:

1 avocado,
1 really small red onion,
1 lemon juice (you can squeeze a lemon or just buy lemon juice in the store),
black pepper,

and a blender.

That’s it.


1. This is what you need. Use a small onion or guacamole will be to strong. You can still ad some later, just don’t start with too much. Of course you can use a bigger onion and chop it in half :). You can also use the usual white onion but I’ve found that red ones work better.


2. First peel the onion and chop it in a few big pieces so it fits into the blender. Now put 2/3 of the onion you are going to use into  the blender and save the remaining 1/3 for later.

Onion in a blender


3. Now to the avocado. First cut the avocado in half. Don’t cut the seed, just make an incision around the avocado. Then grab each half with one hand and twist. One half should nicely separate from the seed and you should be left with something like this :)

Avocado cut in half


4. Now take a spoon and remove the avocado meat from its skin. Like this:

Remove avocado from its skin with a spoon


5. Put the avocado into the blender together with the onion.

Avocado and onion in blender


6. Mix until you get a nice and even texture. Like this:

Mixed avocado and red onion


7. Now take the rest of the red onion (the 1/3 from the beginning) and chop it into small pieces using a knife. What is the point of this? I like the taste of the onion to evenly blend into the guacamole – this is achieved by mixing onion and avocado together in a blender. But I also like the little onion pieces in the guacamole. these pieces gibe better texture to the guacamole, make it a bit chunky and it look more home-made :). In fact – you can do the same with avocado. Mix 2/3 of it and just smash the remaining 1/3 into guacamole with a fork. This way you will have a nice tasting base together with some chunks. Anyway – this is my chopped red onion:

Chopped red onion


8. Now take a nice guacamole bowl and put in the mixed avocado/onion from the blender. Add chopped red onion, salt, pepper and lemon juice. How much lemon juice? This depends on your taste. I always start by adding to little and then keep adding some more until you are satisfied. Taste your guacamole in between.  Check the picture below for better feeling:

Avocado, red onion, lemon juice and salt&pepper


9. Now take a fork and mix your guacamole until the chopped red onions are evenly spread through the guacamole and lemon juice has disappeared into the mixture making guacamole a little bit smoother and less dense. The final result should look like this.

Simple And Quick Guacamole

Or from closer:

Simple And Quick Guacamole From Close

You can use the avocado seed to slow down the oxidation of your guacamole. If left uncovered your guacamole will quickly turn from green to brown because of the oxidation. There is nothing wrong with this taste and health wise, but guacamole looks better if its green. Then again I usually finish my guacamole before it has a chance to turn brown :).

Anyway – it is said that if you put the avocado seed in the middle of the guacamole it will slow down the oxidation.

This is it, I hope you like this recipe and that the photos helped even complete beginners make one great tasting guac. If you have any questions – fire away in the comments.

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  • Wonderful pictures! Tried it and it’s great! A little garlic also adds a touch more flavour and aroma!

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