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There are two schools of making guacamole when it comes to blenders or actually making this dip in general. The traditional way to make it is of course without a blender and mostly/only using ingredients that go into original authentic guacamole. So anybody who thinks that guacamole must be exactly the way it was should ditch the blender and use a molcajete. This is the most authentic way to go. If you don’t have molcajete then use a bowl and the back of a spoon or a fork to mash the avocados.

Now the second school would not call themselves school because they don’t care – they want guacamole and they want it as fast as possible using any additional ingredients to spice things up. So blender all the way!



And me? I like to take the middle road.

I like my guacamole smooth but with some chunks here and there. So I usually put 3/4 of avocados and onions into the blender and mix and then hand mash the remaining 1/4 of avocados and hand mince the remaining onions and add them to the mix. This was guacamole is smooth but still has some structure.

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