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Looking for a Mango Guacamole Dip Recipe?

Mango guacamole dip recipe at your fingertips! Master the art of this tropical delight, from ingredient selection to perfecting its texture.

Craving a fresh, tropical twist on your favorite dip? Look no further! Our Mango Guacamole Dip Recipe will invigorate your taste buds with its vibrant fusion of creamy avocado and sweet, tangy mango. Perfect for novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike, this easy-to-make, delicious dip is a must-try. So, ready to unleash your culinary prowess and wow your guests with this exotic, flavor-packed delight? Let's dive right in!


  • Homemade mango guacamole recipe requires ripe avocados, lime juice, cilantro, salt, and ripe mangos.
  • To prepare, mash peeled avocados, combine with diced mango, half a diced red onion, one diced jalapeno, and fresh cilantro. Season with lime juice and salt.
  • Mango guacamole pairs well with main dishes, as a snack dip, or in salads, adding a tropical twist to meals.
  • Store guacamole by covering with fresh lime juice and cling film, and putting it in an airtight container in the fridge, keeps for 1-2 days.
  • Allows for variations in flavor and texture, can add spices or adjust avocado mash consistency for personal preference.

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Gathering Your Ingredients

The Essential Ingredients

To prepare our homemade mango guacamole dip, you'll first need to gather all of your ingredients. You'll need ripe avocados, which are the base of any easy guacamole recipe with mango. Lime juice helps to keep the avocados from browning and adds a tangy kick. Next, you'll need cilantro for a burst of herbaceous flavor and of course, salt to taste. An extra punch of flavor comes from the ripe mangos.

Mango Selection and Preparation

Start with fresh mangos for your mango lime guacamole dip. Look for ones that are slightly soft to touch, similar to the ripeness of a peach. They should have a sweet aroma and be heavy for their size. Peel your mango, remove the seed and chop into small chunks. The fresh, tangy mango makes this tropical mango guacamole recipe a standout!

Choosing the Perfect Avocados

For the creamy base of your guacamole, pick avocados that yield to gentle pressure. Their skin should be dark and they should feel heavy. Once you've selected the perfect avocados for your chunky guacamole recipe, halve them, remove the pit and scoop out the creamy flesh. You're now ready to whip up your very own fresh mango guacamole!

Preparing Your Mango Guacamole

Are you tired of the same old guacamole recipes? Looking to add a slight twist for a burst of flavor? Meet mango guacamole – a delicious blend of fresh avocado and ripe mango.

Mashing the Avocados

Start with three large ripe avocados. Peel them, remove the pit, and toss them into a bowl. Then, it's time to mash! You can use a fork or a potato masher to achieve this. Remember, the result doesn't need to be completely smooth – a chunky texture can add a delightful crunch to your mango guacamole.

Combining the Ingredients

Next, fold in your diced mango. You'll want to add about one whole mango, finely chopped, to give your guacamole a sweet and exotic flavor. Additionally, you will need to mix in half a diced red onion, one diced jalapeno (seeded if you prefer less heat), and a handful of finely chopped fresh cilantro. These ingredients add a tangy touch and zesty kick to your guacamole.

Seasoning to Taste

Now, it's time to season your uniquely delicious guacamole. Squeeze the juice of one lime over your mixture and sprinkle a teaspoon of salt. I recommend tasting as you go to get the perfect balance of flavors. If you prefer your guacamole a bit creamier, you can add a dollop of sour cream. And voila! You have a vibrant and flavorful guacamole with a twist. All you need now are some tortilla chips and you're ready for a gourmet snack time!

Mango Guacamole Recipe

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Serving Suggestions for Mango Guacamole

Pairing with Main Dishes

Mango Guacamole is not just a chip dip. It can level up your main dishes too! Try it as a topping on Ahi Tuna Tacos or Crockpot Chicken Tacos. Adding it over grilled fish or chicken brings a hit of freshness that you'll love.

As a Dip for Snacks

Chips and dips are a match made in heaven. Try dipping crispy tortilla chips into this tangy lime guacamole for a snack. This twist on classic guacamole will have taste buds dancing. For a fun switch-up, you could even try it with sweet potato fries or plantain chips. It's a versatile guacamole dip that pairs well with many types of snacks, and turns any gathering into a mini fiesta.

Incorporating into Salads

Turn your boring lunch salad into something exciting by adding a scoop of Mango Guacamole. The flavors of mango, avocado, cilantro, and lime create a bright and refreshing combo that pairs well with a hearty salad. Considering it as a dollop on top of your quinoa or burrito bowl for a tropical spin!

Remember, mango is a key ingredient of this recipe, so a good, ripe mango makes a huge difference. And yes, the ratio of mango to avocado matters too! You can check the full recipe here for precise ingredient amounts and instructions. So why wait? Give your meals a tropical twist with this Mango Guacamole!

Storing and Keeping Your Mango Guacamole

After enjoying this divine tropical dip for chips, you might wonder,"How can I store my leftover mango guacamole?" The key is picking the right storage container and using the right methods.

Proper Storage Techniques

Squeeze a bit of fresh lime juice on top of your guacamole, it helps to prevent browning. Then, take cling film, press it down directly onto the guacamole, covering every bit. Who knew that keeping your mango guacamole for taco night fresh was so easy? Next, seal this all in an airtight container. Then, pop it in the fridge.

Shelf Life of Mango Guacamole

Now, "How long can mango guacamole keep?" you may ask. It depends. Usually, guacamole stays good in the fridge for 1-2 days. Anything beyond that, it just doesn't taste as fresh or can even spoil. It's best to plan accordingly when making your guacamole.

Reviving Leftover Guacamole

The next day, if seeing a brownish layer on top, don't panic just yet. Spoon off the top, and the bright green robust guacamole underneath should greet you. If it still looks and smells good, it's perfect for your summer party appetizers. If not, it's better to toss it. Enjoying healthy dip recipes should also be safe!

Taking care of your guacamole is like handling a delicate summer fling. You treat it right, and it rewards you back. Now, that's one savory secret on mango guacamole we've shared. Remember, every good Mexican-inspired guacamole dip starts with fresh ingredients and ends with proper storage!

"Guide for storing and keeping your delicious mango guacamole dip recipe"

Adding a Twist to Your Mango Guacamole

Introducing New Flavors

We all love a classic guacamole, but why not experiment with some fresh and exciting flavors. Let's make this unique dip even more special by adding ripe, juicy mangoes and a kick of spice. This fruity addition boosts the refreshing taste, making the perfect mango guacamole dip for entertaining.

Adjusting the Texture

Believe it or not, the texture of your guacamole can change the whole eating adventure. You can make it as chunky or creamy as you want, to suit your preference. For a more creamy avocado dip with a twist, mash the avocados until smooth before adding your dices of tropical mango. When you're in the mood for an exotic guacamole dip with a bit more bite, leave some avocado chunks and enjoy the delicious textures.

Spicing Up Your Guacamole

Now, if you crave a kick in your guacamole, let's go that extra mile. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes or perhaps a splash of hot sauce. It won’t overpower the refreshing guacamole dip; it instead balances the sweetness of the mango, resulting in an avocado dip with a kick. This perfect blend of sweet, creamy, and spicy will make your mango guacamole the star of any spread.

Incorporate these ideas next time you are in the mood for a tasty, satisfying snack, and elevate your guacamole game. Don't shy away from experimenting with other fruits too, who knows, you might discover your new favorite fruit salsa recipe!

We've journeyed through selecting the perfect ingredients for our mango guacamole, explored the process of preparation, and shared tips on serving, storing, and adding a creative twist. The versatility of this tropical dip, from main dishes to snacks, proves its worth in your culinary repertoire. Remember, the key to a great mango guacamole lies in fresh ingredients and your personal touch in flavor adjustment. So, don't shy away from experimenting and adding your unique twist to this vibrant, zesty, and creamy delight. Happy guacamole making!

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