What Is Molcajete? – Guacamole Tips

A molcajete is a Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool made of volcanic rock. You can probably find it on sale in every Mexican street market but it is a bit harder to come by elsewhere. Molcajete is used for grinding different food products of course including guacamole.

Like the guacamole itself molcajete also comes from the Aztec people and possibly even further back. As said it is made out of vesicular basalt and is made in one piece. It usually has three legs and looks something like this:

Molcajete mortar pestle

What is cool about molcajete is that the volcanic rock from which it is made of is really rough and is therefore a great grinding surface. Because the rock is full of tiny bubbles that are continuously worn down the molcajete interior stays sharp.  The other consequence of this is that molcajete of course can never be really properly cleaned. It carries the taste of all previous meals into the next one :) which is cool for that extra something for your guacamole.


Apart from that you can also use it for cooking (not so much) and serving dishes because it stays warm for a really long time.

Is guacamole better if it is made in molcajete that in a blender or an ordinary ceramic bowl? It definitely is more authentic but when it comes to taste you have to decide yourself.

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