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Guacamole recipe one avocado: Easy steps

Guacamole recipe one avocado: your guide to choosing ingredients, prepping, and mixing for perfect flavor.

Ready to make guacamole with just one avocado? It's easy and quick. First, pick a ripe avocado. This is key for smooth, tasty guacamole. Then, grab a few basic ingredients. You'll mix them to create a simple yet delicious dip. Whether you're a newbie or a pro in the kitchen, this guide will make you a guacamole master. Let's dive in and whip up some creamy goodness!


  • Only use ripe avocados for creamy, tasty guacamole; test ripeness by gently pressing.
  • Essential guacamole ingredients: ripe avocado, lime juice, chopped onion, optional tomato, salt, plus garlic, cilantro, or jalapenos for extra flavor.
  • Properly cut and pit the avocado, mash with a mix of textures.
  • Combine ingredients gently for even flavor; season with salt and optional cumin for depth. Adjust flavors to taste.
  • Serve with more than just chips – try veggies, bread, or as a topping. Double the recipe for groups.
  • Store by smoothing, covering with lime juice and plastic wrap directly on the surface, and refrigerate to enjoy within a day or two for best freshness.

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Choosing Your Ingredients

Selecting the Perfect Avocado

Choosing the right avocado is key. For guacamole, use ripe avocados only. They feel slightly soft when pressed lightly.

Ripe avocados are a must for creamy, tasty guacamole. If they are too hard, they won't mash well. If too soft, the flavor may be off. Check ripeness by gently pressing the skin. If it yields, it’s good for guacamole.

Essential Ingredients for Simple Guacamole

Here's what you'll need for a basic guacamole:

  • One ripe avocado
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Two tablespoons of chopped onion
  • One small, chopped tomato (optional)
  • Salt to taste

You can also add garlic, cilantro, or jalapenos. These boost the flavor. For a complete guide on making perfect guacamole, check out this recipe.

Start by gathering these ingredients. Simple, right? This mix will give you a delicious guacamole to enjoy on its own or with your favorite dish. Customize with any extra ingredients, based on what tastes good to you. Enjoy your creation!

Preparing the Avocado

How to Properly Cut and Pit an Avocado

First, grab a sharp knife. Cut around the avocado lengthwise. Twist the halves to open it. Hit the pit with your knife blade then twist to remove the pit. Carefully scoop the avocado flesh using a spoon. This avoids any mess or wasted fruit.

Mashing the Avocado

Place the scooped avocado in a bowl. Use a fork to mash it. You want a mix of smooth and chunky textures. This makes your guacamole interesting to eat with each bite offering something different. Remember, too smooth can feel like paste and too chunky can be hard to scoop with chips.

Alt text: Mixing Your Guacamole, the perfect blend for a guacamole recipe with one avocado.

Mixing Your Guacamole

Combining Ingredients

Start by cutting your ripe avocado in half. Remove the pit. Scoop the flesh into a bowl. Add chopped tomatoes. Throw in some diced onions and a bit of minced garlic for a kick. This punch of flavor is a must in a good Mexican guacamole recipe.

Next, add the juice of half a lime. The lime keeps the avocado from browning. It adds a fresh zest that brightens up the dish. Be sure to mix all the ingredients gently. This ensures that each bite of your guacamole is equally flavorful.

Seasoning Your Guacamole

Now, sprinkle in salt to taste. Salt sharpens all the other flavors in the bowl. Want a secret ingredient? Try a tiny sprinkle of cumin. Some keen cooks on reddit swear by it for a deep, earthy note.

Lastly, give it all a good mix. Taste it. Need more kick? Add a finely chopped jalapeño. Not a fan of cilantro? No problem! Leave it out. Your guacamole will still taste great. Adjust the flavors until you're happy with it. Scoop onto a chip and enjoy your perfect bite!

Serving and Storing Guacamole

How to Serve Guacamole

When you whip up guacamole, think beyond the chip! Sure, tortilla chips dip like a dream, but why not jazz things up a bit? If you're hosting a gathering or just spicing up a family meal, turn to a range of fresh veggies like crispy carrots, sweet bell peppers, or even juicy cherry tomatoes. They’re not just healthy; they add pops of color and texture to your guacamole indulgence.

For those who adore a bit of crunch, consider cutting fresh bread into chunks or toasting it lightly for a hearty feel. Other fun options might include a spread on a savory sandwich or using guacamole as a lively topping for tacos or burgers, elevating a simple meal to a festive fiesta.

Don’t forget – if it’s for a big group, double the batch. One avocado never seems to be enough once everyone starts dipping!

Storing Leftover Guacamole

Stashed the right way, guacamole can stay fresh and tasty! Start by smoothing the top with the back of a spoon to even it out. Next, drip a thin layer of lemon or lime juice over it. This citrus splash acts like a shield against the air, which can turn your dip brown.

After the citrus guard, press plastic wrap right against the surface of the guacamole, sealing it from air exposure. For best results, store it in the fridge and dive back into its creamy goodness within a day or two. Remember, guacamole is best enjoyed fresh, so plan accordingly for small batches that can be eaten soon after making.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you'll maximize both the flavor and lifespan of your homemade guacamole, letting you savor every scoop! Check out this easy guacamole recipe to get started.

We walked through picking ripe avocados, mixing simple ingredients, and serving your guacamole. Remember, the right avocado makes a big difference. With these steps, you'll make great guacamole every time. Keep practicing and tasting. That's how you'll get better. Enjoy making and eating your guacamole!

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